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Photos from the Class of '67 spring golf trip to Northern Minnesota -
                                                                                Paul McCarten, Steve Colby, Tom Hollingsworth and Al Grundei

At the International Wolf Center in Ely, we have a photo of Wolves chasing an attorney - who do we cheer for?
On 06-06-06, Steve Colby shot a 6 on hole 6! (And he may have even used a 6 iron!  AND ... no it was not a par 3 -
it was a par 5!)
On the 275 yard 13th hole (elevated green - all carry)  Tom Hollingsworth drove to within 8 feet of the pin.
We dined at the Burntside Lodge near Ely, wich was a great find > Walleye ala Burntside, risotta, etc  VS hot
dogs & chips on earlier trips!  (
                                                                                                            submitted by
Al Grundei     06.12.06
We are having our annual get together/tournament at the Geneva
Golf Course on July 22 2006.

All classmates are welcome, and enen the Class of '68 is invited.  
We had three people from the Class of '68 participate last year,
and we expect a few more this year.

10-10:50 AM  Arrive/Register/Practice
10:50 AM  Putting Contest
12 noon  1st tee time

We need to plan enough tee times,
so If you didn't play last year or you have a question
Call Steve Colby @ 320 766 0722  or send me an

Hope to see you there!   
For those non-duffers in the crowd,  Cheryl Gesell and
I (for starters) will be outside at the Geneva Grill (
GGC) around 3 on Saturday the 22nd,  anyone wishing
to join in  the conversation & merriment, please feel
free to join us!!
Photos  from 07.22.06
From Ian Peterson:
I am back at sea on a man-of-war again.
The landlubbers mind cannot begin to comprehend the joy in a gobs heart of returning to sea after an extended
abscence.  I once again walk on moving steel decks.  I hear and speak my native language, and the snipes around me
understand.  I'm immersed in the extreme heat of a boiler room.  The whine of turbines, noisy pumps, and water
hammers ring in my ears.   Bells and a bosun's pipe regulate my day and inform me of events.  I am gently rocked to
sleep by the ocean waves.  Pinochle in the goat locker while "enjoying" midrats is in order.  The evening is spent on the
fantail sitting on a cleat in silent contemplation.

SHIP:  USS Pelelieu, LHA-5

I reported onboard in Pearl Harbor.  The ship is homeported in San Diego and has just came off a six month deployment
in the Persian Gulf.  My tour will be short, about 3 months.  I have relieved the Master Chief of Engineering and will be
taking the ship through a short yard overhaul.  This allows him some R&R, and time to go to school.  After the yard
period and demonstration of satisfactory repairs, I go back home.  Not much time at sea, but hey, better than nothing.
11.26.2006    Death of classmate,  Lynda THEIS  Johnson
Beth, Mike, Glennie, Rob, Cindy, Judy, Tom, Patty,  Florence