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11.22.07   Ken Foss has been found!

11.22.07   Just a short note to let you know that I am the new Associate Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Jamestown
ND.  Trinity is about 2100 people, so needless to say, I am overwhelmed at this point.  My installation date will be
12/09/07.  Take care & best wishes.  In Christ,  
Leon Zavadil

10.01.07  Mike Thornton's Band:   The Vanishing Road Band  at the VFW in Brooklyn Park >>>>>>>>

08.19.07      I am showing my paintings at the GOOD NEIGHBOR FESTIVAL in Middleton Wisconsin  Aug 25 &
26  from 9-5 each day.  [ Fireman's Park is on Parmenter & Lee Streets near the high school ]   ....
John Mix

07.30.07   Hello everyone.  I wish I could have been at the reunioin.  I'm looking forward to seeing the photos when they
start posting on the website.  Hope you are all well and happy.  We are, though way, way to busy.  I have such fond
memories of high school.  Wonderful friends, Iowa Basics Skills test days with long lunch hours and chinese fire drills,
homecoming (when you could actually have a bonfire), working at Robert's Shoes, basketball games.  It's so different
now.  I'm a huge fan of the Alexandria Girls Hockey Team.  Hockey?  Heck, girls in the 60's played kickball when we had
gym .... once a week.  Remember those gym uniforms?  Anyway,  I think we were, for the most part, a pretty happy bunch.  
Growing up here in the 60's was the deal.  A magical place at qa magical time.  We'll soon be turning 60!  How'd that
happen?  I hope all of you start putting this blog to use.  The Class of '65 has a great bolg:  
65roundup.blogspot.com when
I am a shameless eavesdropper. !
Come on!  We were cooler and a lot more fun then they were!  ..... weren't we ????  Hope to hear from many of you soon.      
Patty Bratton Wicken

07.27.07    Reunion thank you /westby

07.27.07   40th class reunion photos, starting to show up      if you have any photo you'd like to share from fri / sat ....
please scan   OR   copy and send to me.

For the past 7 years, I have been President & CEO of Dairyland Healthcare Solutions, headquartered in Glenwood MN.  
Dairyland is the leading provider of information solutions to community hospitals of information solutions to community
hospitals in the nation.  On June 1,  we sold the company to a San Francisco based private equity firm, so I am
semi-retired for now.  In an attempt to recapture my youth, I have a '57 Chevy which is identical to my first car.
My wife of 36 years, Kathy, just retired from teaching Art at The Blake School and is now working for the Perpich
Center for the Arts.  We split our time between our townhouse in Medina and our place on Lake Carlos.    Al Grundei  

So ....  Thursday,  my bosses appear at the office door  and announce that on 06/30/07  TSL  will cease to be.   So, any
ideas on a new career , most welcome !!   /  westby      
and yes,   AUGH !!


Hi y'all.  Would have loved to have been with all of you.  It was really nice seeing a bunch of you last year at the golf
outing.  News this past year has been mostly medical.. Just read about your ordeal , Karen.  Been there done that with
Matt.  Matt, my husband of 37 years, had open heart surgery December 16th.  He did quite well until fluid on his lung
sent us back to the ER on Christmans day.  The draining of this went OK. too .....   but  (why is there always a but?)  he got
pneumonia in the hospital and January 4th was an awful  24 hours for me.  He managed to pull through.  I am so tired of
hospitals.  We are 3 hours away from the hospital we us in Little Rock.  I spent a month and  a half in hotels and with
friends.  I don't know what would happen if I ever got sick.  no time to do it.
Just designed and painted a rug on my deck and last night caught my limit in trout on the White River.  We spent some
time in Green Bay Wisconsin the lasT weekend in May for our Jehovahs' Witness Convention.  It was titled "Follow the
We still have 2 guest bedrooms.  The fishing is great.  Larry Suchy,..  hi and greetings from Flippin.  You don't live that
far away.  If Clem & Cheryl come down ... come on over for a visit.  Meanwhile, only 2 years until we are all 60.  I hate it
that most of my friends collect social security and I have all their aches & pains and can't ...  yet.      SMILE !!
Have a great time at the reunion,  
Cheryl  Gesell  Frantsel

06.06.07   Ian Peterson will be in China the weekend of our reunion.   He sent along a photo with his daughter,

So, a couple of weeks ago, I found myself hooked up with various sets of wires and spending a sleep over at
the local hospital.  Yes, SOMEONE had been complaining about  my alleged snoring, and there was also a question of sleep
apnea > and so, there I was on the receiving end of a sleep study.  How they expect anyone to sleep hooked up like Howdy
Doody - coupled with sleeping on the wrong side of the bed is beyond my comprehension.  However, much to my surprise, I
was able to trick myself into going to sleep, - which corresponded to the same time they came in to wake me.  Evidently  
I'd had enough blimps on the radar, that I needed to be strapped in to a Hannibal Lecter wind tunnel contraption.  And
again, sleep? ... I'm having a major panic attack, thank you very much .          The follow-up visit to the doc was a bit
disconcerting.  Word/phrases like 85% oxygen level, 19 episodes an hour, DEAD ... were all bantered around.         So, last
night I spent my first night with my new bed partner (unfortunately not Sam Elliott, altho, I am considering decoupaging
the contraption's case to look like him)  My CPAP (I did ask for one that glowed in the dark, but nooooooooo) is a cross
between an umpire's mask and an elephant's trunk  (how attractive does that sound?!!)    It's all a bit Star Trekkish.         
So, here's to the humor found in aging and in living to see another day!  (As well as another class reunion > see you there !!
)  / westby

04.10.07  Recv'd a call from Charlie Krumps daugher, Laura.  She said he is improving
(leg and partial hip removed) and feels up to accepting phone calls.  His number is 952
404 7366  between the hours of 8AM > 7 PM.  He still has a long road ahead of him.
Hillcrest of Wayzata  / 15409 West Blvd / Rm R 151-A / Wayzata MN  55391

I need YOU!
 A message from David Hanson cheehan2002@hotmail.com
 First and Most Importantly:  I would like to thank all of you who have supported and encourage me in my journey with
Red Ribbon Ride.
 I would like to take a moment of your time to let you know that I have again committed myself to participating in the
5th Minnesota Red Ribbon Ride presented by Chipotle in July 2007.  I'm one of the courageous participants that are
taking the 4 day;  300 miles challenge to raise funds for eight Minnesota-based AIDS service organizations.  To learn
more about these wonderful organizations, visit the homepage
www.redribbonride.org and click on "Benefiting Agencies".
 To achieve this I need your help again.  In fact, I'm going to need support from many people to reach my goal.  I'm hoping
that I can count on you to be part of my support team.  I cannot ride WITHOUT YOUR Support!
 I will be riging again on Team RAAN.  If anybody wants to join Team RAAN as a rider or as crew, please be sure to let
me know.  I would be excited for any of you to join me this year.  So far we have three team members signed up (sis Deb
is along again), one more who will be registering soon, and a few people who are planning on joining.
This will be my 4th charity "AIDS Ride" cycling event since 2003.  I have ridden over 4,000 miles to fight AIDS and to
help AIDS Serivces around the state as well as personally raising over $10,000 for AIDS Service ORganizations around
Minnesota.  To honor my 4th year fiding - I commit myself to raising $4,000.00 for this one single event.  4K for my 4th
Ride, a lofty goal = YES! but one that I am sure that I will be able to reach.  You can make a donation by clicking on the
link at the bottom of this email.  You can also go directly to
www.redribbonride.org and click on "make a donation" and
then enter my first, last or both names.
 Why or how can I ride that many miles?  Well for me, Its no longer a question but rather a BIG BOLD statement.  AIDS
is NOT over!  The fight is far from over and I will continue to ride, fight and help those who may not be able to help
themselves.  How can I not?
 On a more personal note this year is my 20th year of living with AIDS.  I plan on making it a year to remember.  It will
be a celebration of life for me.  My personal goals on the Ride this year are modest.  I will not be killing myself trying to
make all the miles each and every day, as I have done the last three years.  This year,k I am going to have MORE fun,
take the bus in each day, get to camp early and enjoy the camaraderie at camp, the entertainment and the food.  What
good is life if you don't have the energy to enjoy it?  SO I might ride a little slower, travel a few less miles, but, I will
have a GOOD TIME!!! The more of your faces I see this summer, the better a good time it will be.
 Today was my first training ride in Itasca Park.  I rode the roller coaster hills over there and had a good workout.  I
plan a training ride every Saturday at TBD locations.  I have a couple of people signed up to ride some of the time with
me already.
Again, I ask four your support, please make a pledge today.  Join me by making a bold statement that we will continue to
fight together and to help those in need.  I greatly appreciate your support!

IITHANK YOU!  Please feel free to pass this email on and on ... I appreciate it very much!


David Hanson    Rider  #13

David E  Hanson,  PO Box 14  Lake George  MN  56458-0014
Home:  218 266 3403     Cell  218 566 7737
2007 Minnestoa Red Ribbon Ride-Proud to be Rider  #13
Benefitting 9 AIDS Service Organizations in Minnesota
To Donate Click on:

Dear Family & Friends,
    You would think a 58 year old woman with Parkinson's Disease would have more sense than to volunteer to walk 60
miles in three days and, if that wan't
enough, to camp out for two nights in a 6-1/2' X 6-1/2' tent.  But I am.  That's almost like walking a mile for every year
of my life.  I will be walking August 24, 25, and 26.  It's for an important cause - helping people detect breast cancer
eary enought to beat it, and finally finding a cure.
    As a condition of participation, I must raise at least $2,200.  So, yes, this is a plea for your emotional and financial
support.  A dollar for every mile that I'll be covering would be wonderful, but I am grateful for whatever contibution you
would like to make.
    The best and fastest way to donate is directly on-line at
http://www.The3Day.org. Click on "donate"  and then click on
Twin Cities.  Enter my name and hit "search".  That will bring up my name, city'state, team name and the amount that has
been donated so far.  Click on my name in blue.  Follow the directions from there.  You may also send me a check, payable
to "Breast Cancer 3-Day"    
    I have begun training for the walk.  In fact, by the time I'm done training and walking the 60 miles, I will have walked
645 miles.  With that in mind, please be generous in your giving.
    I'm walking for my friend, Suki Brown, who's going through treatment right now.

Linda Gooden       
2605 West Armour Terrace
St Anthony, MN  55418

Class reunion info  ....  this year > # 40 .....  woooooo hoooooo

Happy New Year !
^^  A photo-op for Gretchen Obert at an
Al Franken book signing event last fall.
Connie Stanz with RUDY !! >>
Ian Peterson and daughter, Melissa
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