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The Class of '68 is having their reunion this summer.
 If you know of someone from that class .... or you're a bit curious, check out:       
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02.13.07     Thoughts & Prayers needed !!
Here is the link to the CaringBridge site for
Ray Doebber.  He is in a hospital in San Antonio - details of what happened are on this
website  - plus you can send a message.   
   02.15.07    (1)  A pancake breakfast benefit & silent auction for Ray at St Mary's School Gym on April 6 from 9AM - Noon
   (2)  " An account has also been opened at Wells Fargo Bank where donations can be sent to help off set the ridiculous
   costs of Medical  Care & Transportation from Mexico to San Antonio TX."    You can mail your donations to:
Ray Doebber Benefit Trust     /     Wells Fargo Bank     /      324 Broadway St     /  Alex MN  56308

Steve Wells UPDATE

Ken Foss photo

02.05.08  Blogs from John Mix       http://www.johnmix.com   &    http://awakeningtoloveandjoy.blogspot.com

                                                             I  am offically unemployed!!  After a 29 year career at American Airlines, I have
                                                             finally decided to retire effective Feb 1st.  It was a tough decision, and I know
                                                             I will miss the people, but I won't miss all the assciated BS that goes along with
                                                             the job.  In the last few years, especially since 9-11, things have really changed
                                                             in the industry.  I just decided that now would be a good time for me to take my
                                                             leave and start a new chapter in my life.  I'm looking forward to lots of time off.
                                                              // George  Schultz

                                                           <  last day in the cock pit                                      this is the last crew I flew with >
AND !!!   They have invited The Class of 1967  (as well as other years)  to join them for an informal gathering:
Sunday June 29th at the
Carlos Creek Winery, starting at 1 PM.  
Bob & Bev Bey announce that they will be  GREAT grandparents in November
..... stay tuned for the official announcement.
Does the class of '67 have any other Great grand parents out there?