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Benefit for Roy and Patty (Braaton) Wicken   (http://www.alex-jhs-67.com/B.html)

As some of you may or may not be aware, Roy suffered a major heart attack a couple of weeks ago and had to be air lifted (in the midst of his MI) to
Abbott Northwestern in Mpls, for a stent to be inserted.  Gratefully he is doing well and home recuperating ...  several of their friends have decided to
put on a benefit to help them with their medical expenses.
The benefit will be at the ELKS club on May 1 from 5-10 PM
There will be a free will donation ... sloppy joe supper  (chips, pickles, dessert, coffee and water provided  -- if you want something stronger to dink, they
will have that available at the bar.)
We will be raffling off a Wickenik (Michelle Wencl's brain child) aka picnic table that Roy and Aaron make.  These tables are also for sale and information
will be available, if you are not the lucky winner.
There will be entertainment provided by several local artists.  We are hoping that you all can attend and help support them ... also, if possible, pass this
info on to your email/facebook friends ... weare hoping for a HUGE crowd ... hope to see you there.
    If you are unable to attend, but would like to contribute to the cause, please send a check payable to the R/P Wicken Benefit  c/o  Sandy Susag  623
Kenwood Street   Alex  56308