Did you serve in the armed forces?
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Do you have a son/daughter who is/has served?

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BAST, ALFRED, JR Killed by hostile fire, 12-12-69, South Viet Nam  The Wall

BREZINA, Ted    US Army  1969 > 1972  Medical Corp Spec 5

BREZINA, Ted DAUGHTER, Kelly     Army  101 Airborne Div  Ft Campbell KY  since 2004

CHERMAK, ALTON     US Army  ASA  1971 - 1978  including 2 years in Thailand

HAMMER, Bill    2nd Class Petty Officer,  US Navy  1/70 - 12/73  Naval Air Station Miramar (San Diego)  & Naval Air Station Agan, Guam

HARTMAN, James     USN 1967 > 1970   LST ship / Land Duty Vietnam  3 Class Signalman

LIEDL, Gary     USAF 1969 > 1974  ('69-'72 Vietnam)  Staff Sergeant  Red Horse Construction Team

MILLER, Gloria Carlson    SON, Scot     Air Force     Tech Sergeant    Retiring 3+ yrs

OLSON, David     US Navy 2/69 - 12/72     24 mos Vietnam Combat Vet

OSTERBERG, Paul     USAF from  01/07/1969 - 1207/1972    I was stationed in Enid, Oklahoma and Scramento California with extensive foreign travel with in Sacramento.  Never served in Viet Nam, but
experienced the same "ungrateful attitude and behavior" that all US military personnel received during thtat time in our history.  I was a Staff Sargent when I was honorably discharged in July of 1975 after completing the
two year requirement in reserve status.

PETERSON, Ian   USN  1968 > 1987 (Vietnam service)  Retired Master Chief Petty Officer    8 years in diesel submarines (underwater Navy, 12 years on Destroyers (Blue Water Navy)  VICE 1968 -1988

SCHMIDT, Chuck    USAF  1967 - 1972  Staff Sergeant  Weapons Specialist
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ANDERSON, Jim     US Army in Vietnan from 1969 - 1970.   Helicopter mechanic.