Countdown until our 50th reunion
August 11-12  2017
mark your calendars now!!
The one thing that will make this reunion an absolute success ?
....  If
YOU are there.     
It promises to be a weekend of remembering and making memories .
PLEASE be a part of it !!
Please bring COPIES of photos you'd like to share.
What photos?  vacations, birthdays, retirement, weddings (family / yours);
photos of the class of 1967 from kindergarten to present  

...  please remember to label them - and again, no originals.
50th Reunion - What I need to know

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RSVP Page   ...   print / send to Sieni

Those who have RSVP'd ... so far
Friday evening

Legacy of the Lakes Museum
205 3rd Ave West

6:30     ....  Cover charge is $8
If you have a chair, bring it along.
Saturday morning
Coffee  8:30 - 10:30 AM
Alexandria Country Club
2300 N.  Nokomis NE
                       ....Sponsor, Al Grundei

10:50 !!!
Tour of
Alexandria Area High School    Meet at SOUTH doors.
4300 Pioneer Rd SE   ...   Clair Anderson, Tour Guide
(take 50th that runs by Fleet Farm ... take a left on Pioneer)

MAIN EVENT   8/12  Saturday evening

Phoenix Event Center
3904 County Rd 42 NE     /   Alex Mn 56308

doors open at 5
food served at 6:30

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