Lincoln Echo
Lincoln Elementary School        Intermediate Edition                Easter Issue 1960
Room 19                                   Grade 5                                    Miss Erdahl
    Everyone talks about the weather, but we
did something about it.
    Our class went to the weather station on
a bus early in February.  We went to find out
about the instruments and other things that
they use at the weather station and what they
are used for.
    Mr Huhn was the man who showed us
around.  First he showed us a little house
with slatted sides.  Inside the house there
were four thermometers.  They were the wet
bulb and the dry bulb kind.  There was also
the minimum and maximum thermometers.  The
wet bulb thermometer tells the humidity.  The
dry bulb is a regular thermometer and tells
the temperature.  The mimimum thermometer
shows the highest temperature each day.  The
maximum thermometer shows the lowest
temperature each day.  Mr. Huhn also showed
us a rain gauge.  The rain gauge measures the
amount of rain and also hail, and snow.  
These things are called precipitation.
    After this we went inside.  There we saw
a baragragh.  The barograph is a barometer
which automatically records at the same
time.  While we were there we heard a pilot
overhead ask for information abou the weather
- Beth McKay, Bonnie Erickson

    A pretty little blonde girl dropped in
and we were lucky!  Her name is Karen
Westby.  She is from Arlington, South
Dakota.  She came the first day after
Christmas vacation.  She has three brothers.  
Her favorite song is "The Hanging Tree".  Her
T.V. Program favorite is "Dan Blocker".  She
was one of our cheer leaders.  She makes a
fine chairman of the Club Fun Committee.
- Linda Masteller, Marian Kvitek

Yea Lincoln!  We heard this cry so much
our ears are still ringing.  We topped
Washington 15 to 12, in our basketball game
at Central.  The top scorers were Tom
Hollingsworth, 6 points and Gary Riley, 4
   The sixth grade wasn't so lucky.  THey
got beat by Washington 24 to 18.
- Gary Riley, David Peterson

    A good painter came to our room
Wednesday, March 16.  Mrs. Delaby started to
paint a picture of her husband's mother.  She
has never gone to school to learn how to
paint.  Mrs. Delaby has only been painteingt
for two years.  She said it generally took
two weeks to finish a painteing.  Mrs.
De3laby came here from Belgium years ago.  
Mrs. Delaby said never to paint in one
direction only.  She said you must know some
physical features of the person you're
painting.  you must mix different kinds of
paint to make the right blends.  We think
Mrs. Delaby is a very good painters.  The
whole class liked her painting.
    She lent us a protrait of Myriam Delaby
which we have in our window.  Myriam is in
our class.
- James Ziegelman, Donald Urness

    In our classroom we are really on the
"boom" in art.
    We made Valentine people out of red and
white paper and a few scraps of odd colors.  
We also cut valentines out of the paper and
pasted them together.
    We also made eraser stencils out of
tagboard paper and colors.  We drew shapes on
the tagboard.  We cut out the middle of these
shapes and then colored around the edge of
them.  We put the pattern on a paper and
rubbed the color onto white paper with an
    Later we made charcoal drawings with
charcoal.  Charcoal works just like pencil
except it is quite messy.  These pictures are
all black and white.
    We made self-portraits on 5X4 inch
paper.  These we gave to our Dads to wear at
P.T.A. on Dad's night.
- Roxy and Maureen
    On Friday March, 19 we enjoyed a lyceum
about the Wizard of Oz.
    The characters were the Tin Soldier,
Bertha Gultch,  the wicked witch, the
cowardly lion, Belinda, the good witch, and
Dorothy.  Dorothy had a little dog and the
story told about the adventures she had
trying to find her dog when he got lost.
    It showed how the Tin Soldier and the
Lion protected Dorothy from the bad witch.
    Then it showed how the Scarecrow poured
water on the bad witch and made her melt.  
The Wizard of Oz told Dorothy to do this when
she saw him.  Everyone good was rewarded by
getting what they wanted the most.
- Allen Sprinter, Jerome Steen  

    Mr Jones has made out a paper of about
sixty exercises for us to do.  These
exercises help our body grow stronger.  He
showed us how to do some of them.  After that
we did exercises the rest of the period.  
After the exercises our hot showers felt good.
    Each time we work on some of the
exercises, we work in teams.  Our teammate
watches us do an exercise and marks us on
it.  If we do it wron he puts a zero down.  
If we do it right he scores us.  Everyone of
us wants to get a high point score.
- Paul Alto, Steve Colby  

    In science we have been doing many
things.  In the beginning of the third
quarter we started doing experiments.  Each
person had to do one experiment.  If two
persons did an experiment as a team, they had
to do two.
    Later on we studied about magnets.  We
learned that a magnet is prbably made because
it has its molecules lined up straight.  If
the piece of iron or steel is not magnetized
the molecules are probably mixed up.
    Then we studied about elcectricity.  The
kind we studied about came from a dry cell.  
we learned what things a dry cell had in it.  
These things were sealing was, sand, zink
can, moist black paper, powdery paste and a
carbon rod.  Electricity is made by chemical
reaction.  We also learned that you have to
have a full circuit if you want electricity
to flow.  We connected a light and a door
bell to a dry cell.
    Now we are studying about shapes of
things and also about balance.  Later we will
study plant and animal life.
- Danny Cooper, Daryl Roers.

    Our basketball heroes were ably assisted
by some of our girls.  The six fifth grade
cheer leaders were:  Barbara Berg, Karen
Westby, Julie Wasson, Peggy Graves, Marilyn
Alm, and Peggy Kochie.  Every chance they got
they were out on the floor yelling, "Two
Bits", "Fight Team Fight" and "Gazella".  
They looked alike because they were all
wearing similar black slacks, white seat
shirts with a red "L" and number "5".  The
"L" stood for Lincoln and the "5" for the
fifth grade.
- Barbara Berg, Karen Westby

    In Geography, Room 20 has been studying
the Northeastern states.  An important
industry is farming.  Three kinds of
important farming are truck farming, dairy
farming, and poultry.  There is a lot of
farming in the Northeastern states because
the people in big cities need the food.  The
state that is most important for dairy
farming is New York. Most truck farming is
done around Chesapeake Bay.  Most poultry
farming is done on Long Island.
    Here are three different kinds of
mining:  coal, oil, and natural gases.  More
than one-half of the coal mining is in
Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  There are
three kinds of coal.  They are, anthracite,
bituminous, and lignite.  The two kinds of
coal mining are shaft mining and strip
    Manufacturing is perhaps the most
importatnt industry in these states.  There
are two types of manufacturing;  light and
heavy.  Here is an expample of heavy
manufacturing:  the making of locomotives and
ships.  Pencil making is an example of light
manufacturing.  The things we need for
manufacturing are labor, power, market, raw
materials.  For instance, cotton is a raw
material.  They also need a place for the
factory, money, and transportation.  Boston
is famous for wool textiles.  Pittsburgh is
famous for manufacturing iron and steel.  
Buffalo is noted for manufacturing
About one third of the people here make
their living by manufacturing.
    In this part of our country most
of the people live in cities and it
would be fun to visit some of them.
-Gary Kluver, Ian Peterson
    In our basketball game on February 23,
the Lincoln fifth graders played the
Washington fifth graders.  For the Lincoln
Cagers, Tommy Hollingsworth was high point
man with 6 points, and Gary Riley, Bob
Anderson and Ricky Gorham had two points.  
David Janke came in with 1 point.  It was
tied at 12 all, with a few seconds left, when
Hollingsworth made a charity toss to ice the
victory.  For the Washington fifth graders
Warren Southward had 6 points.  As you know,
Lincoln won 15-12.
    In the second game Lincoln got off with
an early start as they took the lead of 8-1.  
The good shooting of Phelps and Lorsung got
Washington in the lead until it got tied at
16-16.  Then Washington got a lead to stay
ahead.  Scoring for the Lincoln Cagers found
Craig Moundson netting 5 points, and Jim
Ahlfors netting 4 points.  For Washington,
Phelps fot 8 points and Lorsung had 7
points.  And as you know, Washington won
- Maynard Guenther

Donald Affeldt - Black Gold
Marily Alm - Little Girl With Seven Names
Steven Anderson - Black Stallion
Kenneth Clapshaw -
  Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys
Bruce Cosby - Will-yum
Gwen Erickson - Crazy Horse
Wesley Esterberg - I don't know
Peggy Graves - Lad, A Dog-Haunted Hound
Maynard Guenther - Thomas Edison
Tommy Hafdal - Rip and Royal
Cynthia Hanson - Champion Dog, Prince Tom
Quay Hayden - Freddy Rides Again
Rocky Hedstrom - Science Book
Linda Hinton - The Witch of Black Bird Pond
Jame Hultman - The Hunters
John Hustad - Captain Ghost
Jack Hvezda - Wild Bill Hickock
Jayne Isaacson - Horses
David Janke - Science
Vivian Kloehn - Black Gold
Philip Martinson - The Wishing Table
Paul Newhouse - Lassie
Gretchen Obert - Fifteen
Paul Rairdon - The Clockwork Twing
Julie Wasson - The Door in the Wall
Claudine Wicklund - Snow Dog Carcajoi
David Krahmer - The Terrible Mr Twitmeyer
Ricky Gorham - I don't
-Cynthis Hanson, Vivian Kloehn  

         WHAT IS SOUND
   A way to find out what makes sound is to
take a board about 10" by 10" and get two
rubber bands and four nails. Then you take
the other two nails and pound them about nine
inches apart. After you are through slip the
rubber bands over them.  Pull the little one
back and let it go.  It makes a high sound
because it vibrates faster.  Then take the
big one and pull it back and let it go.  It
make a low sound because it vibrates slower.  
Now we know that sound is made by vibration.
                - Donald Affeldt

   Room 19 made stained glass windows.  In
art everybody made a stained glass window.  
First we covered our desk with newspaper,
Then Miss Erdahl gave us a piece of paper.  
We made a design on our paper with color
crayon or colored chalk.  Then we turned it
over and painted with linseed oil so the
design would show through the back of the
paper.  We made a frame for our picture and
displayed it.
-Wesley Esterberg, Kenneth Clapshaw, Paul

    One Wednesday we took a white piece of
paper and put ink on it.  Next we took a
straw and started blowing on the ink.  After
we had the ink spread around we let it dry.
    When the ink was dry we thought of
pictures we could make.  Now that we had some
ideas on what to color we started coloring.  
Next we put them up on the bulletin board.
-Bruce Grundei, DuWayne Johnson, Steven

When the Easter Bunny comes at night,
He looks and hops for a place to sight,
Then he finds a corner just so,
To hide some basket in a row.

And in the morning the children seek,
For pink little baskets nice and sleek,
Then, they are happy as can be,
For the Easter Bunny has remembered he.
-Peg Graves   
            WE SING AT CHOIR
    We have fifth grade choir.  We have it
down at the music room every Monday at
two-thirty until 3:15.  Miss Daugherty is
our teacher.  She tries to teach us a lot
because we're getting ready for the spring
    Some of my favorite songs are:  Celito
Lindo, Ring Around the World, In
Switzerland, and When I Was A Lad.
- Tommy Hafdal

    In music class we have been learning
all about differnet notes and rests.   We
learned that there are many different notes
and rests.  We made a music man with notes
and rests.

    We go to the library every Friday with
Miss Modin our library teacher.
    She is a nice library teacher.  She
lets us take out two or three books at a
time.  One of my favorite books is The Book
of Horses.
- Jayne Isaacson

    Monday morning we had six fish in
our room.  They belonged to David Janke and
Rocky Hedstom.  There are five gold fish and
one fantail.  We put them all in a gallon
jar and left them.
    After school Miss Rindahl got some
books and told Miss Erdahl that we should
have no more than two fish per gallon of
    We went down to the cooks and got two
gallon jars.  We washed the sand, put
pebbles at the bottom and sand over that.
    After the sand was in, we poured water
in the jar and let it settle.  We waited all
morning and then planted weeds in the bottom
to give the fish air.  Then in went the fish.
    We all enjoy our fish.
- John Hustad, David Krahmer, Philip M

    We have been bringing cartoons from
magazines.  We have lots of funny ones.  One
of the funniest ones I saw was this one:  
Customer:  "That car you sold me won't go
uphill".  Used car dealer:  "Well, I told
you, on the level it's a good car.
- Paul Rairdon

    We go to band every Thursday at 12:30.  
Mr Hapke and Mr. Christianson are our band
    We played at the ballgame this winter.  
Mr Christianson said we did very well.  We
thought it was fun.
    This spring we are going to give a
concert.  The class is looking forward to
it.  We hope we do as well there as we did
at the game.
- Marily Alm

    About a month ago I brought a book home
from school that told me how to make an
electro-magnet.  I thought I would make one.
    First, I took a board and I took a
piece of metal and nailed it to the board.  
Then I put a nail at the other end of the
board and hooked wires to both of the
nails.  Then I wrapped one wire onto a
bolt.  Then I hooked the two wires onto the
dry cell and it worked.
- Quay Hayden

    Many Easter customs are quaint, but
others are full of happiness and meaning.  
People often buy or make new Easter clothes
for Easter is a special occason.  The idea
of Easter eggs came to us from far off Egypt
and Persia.  Churches are often decorated
with lillies, the meaning or symbol or
purity.  The cross reminds worshippers of
the religious meaning of Easter.
- Peg Kochie

1.  What did the big Easter lily say to the
little Easter lily?
2.  What did the big Easter egg say to the
little Easter egg?
3.  What is the first thing the Easter egg
said after he fell out of the tree?
4.  If there were two Easter eggs rolling
down a hill, what would happen if one broke?
   Answers to the above: (1)I'm bigger than
you, bud  (2)My yoke is bigger tha your yoke
(3)Ouch!  (4)The other Easter egg would have
scrambled eggs.

5.  Definition:  Walky Talky.  Two women out
for a stroll
6.  Definition:  Crowbar.  A place to drink
that's strictly for the birds.
-Ron Nord, Ron Hansen, Michael Allison

    Once upon a time there lived a rabbit
named Mr Carrot Tops.  One day Mr Carrot
Tops asked his nephews, Johnny Green Beans
and Bill Orange Head to come over.  They
were both excited because Uncle Carrot Tops
always told them good stories.  On their way
over they met a little girl who was crying.  
They asked the little girl what was the
matter.  The little girl told them that she
did not get any eggs in her bgasket.  They
told her she could come over to Uncle Carrot
Tops and hear one of his stories.  So the
little girl went with Johnny Green Beans and
Billy Orange Head, and sure enough, Uncle
told one of his stories.  After that Uncle
gave them a whole basket of eggs to share,
and the little girl lived happily ever after.
- Susan Tomlinson

 Easter bells are ringing,
 Birds are also singing.
 Oh, what fun it is today,
 Everyone is nice and gay.
 Everyone is going somewhere,
 Their new clothes they hope to wear,
 Too bad Easter comes just once a year,
 Because it brings us happiness and cheer.
- Susan Tomlinson

Bob Anderson - gold, basketball
Alton Chermakk - baseball
Dayton Lang - baseball, football
Ronald Hanson - bassball
Laurel Toy - horseback riding
Gayle Movold - bowling
Greg Johnson - football, baseball
Betty Kolstad - swimming
Jane Nelson - tennis
Mike Allison - football
Diana Thnmopson - horseback riding
Donald Steen - football
David Navratil - bowling
Nancy Steen - golf
Diane Mounsdon - swimming
Bill Leuthner - basketball, golf
Gary Erickson - hunting
Susan Tomlinson - roller skating
Ross Robinson - hunting
Rober Bey - football
- Bob Anderson, Dayton Lang

The robin's song is gayer,
Soft and sweet as a prayer.
The grass seems a bit more green,
With more crocus on the scene.
The chapel bells softer ring,
The sun seems friendlier too!
Heaven dons a brighter blue.

Folks all wear a happy smile,
While dressed in the newest style-
What occasion or reason,
Or is it just the season?
Listen close, your heart will say,
"Hope reborn - it's Easter Day"
- by Robert Bey

            EASTER BUNNY
Easter is a wonderful time of the year, Then
we start again without fear.
The long winter has passed,
The snow's melted at last.

Children wait for the Easte Bunny,
Because he brings candy, and he is so funny,

So put your troubles aside and be gay,
For no sadness should live on this glorious
- Donna Aittala

              EASTER STORY
Once upon a time there lived two twin
rabbits.  One did the painting and the other
the carrying.  One didn't like Easter very
well because he had to do almost all the
work.  Then the twins got into a fight with
the other rabbits.  They happened to back up
and break all the Easter eggs.  So now, there
were two days before Easter.  Their Mother
was gone for two weeks and would not come
back until Easter was over.  They could get
the painting done in time if only they had
more eggs.  So they found a barn with lots
and loats of chickens in it.  They took all
the eggs and started painting them. It was 65
minutes before the children would wake up and
hunt for their eggs.  They rented an airplane
and got them all in their hiding places just
in time.  They said, "what a short time that
took us:.  From then on they lived happily
ever after.  By the way, do you know they
never had a fight again.
- Dian Mounsdon, Barbara McClellan

1.  Easter very egg pretty a for I got Easter.
2.  Week vacation one of get we Easter.
3.  Cross sins our died on the for Jesus.
(Answers:  1. I got a very pretty Easter egg
for Easter.  2. We get one week of Easter
vacation.  3. Jesus died on the cross for our

(Answers:  1. Church  2. Easter eggs  3. Holy
Bibile  4. Lily  5. Vacaton  6. April  7.  
- Peg Kochie, Majel Brekke

    Once upon a time there were two little
rabbits names Fuzzy and Buzzy.  They lived
with their mother and father in the woods.  
When they woke up on Easter morning they
couldn't find any eggs.  They looked
everywhere, but they could not find them.  
After they ate lunch they took a nap.  Buzzy
dreamed that they found the eggs under a
hollow tree.  When they awoke, Buzzy told
Fuzzy the dream he had.  After he told the
dream, they looked under the hollow tree, and
much to their joy, they found the eggs.
- Betty Kolstad, Gayle Movold.

I got my mother an Easter lily.
It was so pretty and white.
It was tall, beautiful, fragant, frilly
When it stood up in the sunlight.
- Deb Krueger

Gary Erickson - play and go to the movies
Susan Tomlinson - sleep and eat
Nancy Steen - stay home
Donna Aittala - stay home
Ross Robinson - carve wood
Gayle Movold - stay home
Betty Kolstad - go to church and play
Bob Bey - stay home
Alton Chermak - stay home
Deb Krueger - have fun
Diana Tompson - stay home
Greg Thompson - go to Duluth
David Navratil - work and play
Barbara McClellan - stay home
Diane Mounsdon - go to Leaf Valley
Robert Anderson - go to Minneapolis
Laurel Toy - stay home, babysit, play
Tommy Hollingsworth - stay home
Greg Brown - play
Bill Leuthner - going to Grove City
Jane Nelson - stay home
Mike Allison - stay home
Carol Hausken - visiting
Ronald Hanson - go to his grandfathers
Peggy Kochie - going to Wheaton
Majel Brekke - going to her cousins
Ronnie Nord - going to St Cloud
Dayton Lany - Stay home
- Laruel Toy, Shirley Johnson
Room 20                                    Grade 5                            Mrs Whalen
Room 21                                    Grade 5                            Mr Johnson