My reality with the Alex school system began mid-year in the 5th grade at Lincoln -
then Central - then Jefferson ... I'd like to include your reality as well, so let me
know which teachers you had - when, where & for what subject.   Let's see how
comprehensive we can make this list
Principal:   Miss Lord
Kindergarten:  Miss Odland
1st grade:  Miss King
              Doris Stark
2nd grade: Mary Field
              Ellen Rindahl
3rd grade:  Mrs. Johnson
              Anna Kalgard
4th grade:  Miss Berg
the toughest flutophone instructor West of Broadway Street/ds
              Joanne Erdahl
5th grade:  Gary Johnson  
looked like Perry Como/ds
              Bernice Whalen
              Miss Ekdahl
6th grade:  Robert Hawkins
              Mrs. Schroeder
PE:  Bob Jones  
he could dazzle us with shooting baskets from the middle of the gym and who
could forget playing with that huge ball in gym class - waht was the name of that game? / ds
6th grade:  Mrs. Andert

Principal:  George Anderson
Bale, George, algebra
always wore those wide ties - apparently not aware of the narrow style made popular by the Beatles/ds
Banke William, science  also later taught at Jefferson / ds
Bauer, Richard
Bauman T, home ec
Bruflodt, Marlain  " Miss B "
Butler, Morris
Christensen, pe
Dahl, Lillian
Dejong, Casey,
math  taught at both Central and Jefferson, best slide rule instructor I ever met / ds
Farley, Ray  math and also track coach
Fischer, William
Frank, science
Gustafson J,  math
Hanson, Rueben  
the best darn audio/visual guy in the business /ds
Huntsatd, Lowell
Karlsgodt, Andy  english
Lantz, Brad
Lee, Loren   math
made us memorize useful things like our social security number/pb
Lohrman, science
Luchsinger, Ava   geography  
the only faculty member shorter than Temple - I thought they must have been related / ds
Lynch Lynn, music  remember playin in the marching band with balck shorts and white shirts.  After playing in Glenwood at the
                                                      Waterama, we would be rewarded with a $.02 gift certificate ... good for about 5 popsicles.
McClary, William
Nelson, Estelle
Opsal, art
Reque Pete, science
Rolfsrud, Erling  english
Sheriff, Alan, PE  
remember climbing those ropes in gym class and also the obstacle course? / ds
Smilanich, Steve  social studies  Central's disciplinarian - once tried to improve the behavior of one unruly student
                                                                                          with  the aide of a nearby coat locker   /ds
Spray, Alden
Temple, Richard  social studies  
remember him on the basketball court when the students played the faculty?  /ds
Woodward, Gary  math taught us how to write checks in the 7th grade /ds
Superintendent:  Hafdal  
Principal:  Wayne Elton
Ass't Principal: Ted Ording

Clayton Amundseon, Shop
Luther Anderson,  English History
Marilyn Anderson, English
Darlene Avelsgaard, Typing/Bookkeeping
Paul Attridge, Band
William Banke, Science
Dale Benson, Agriculture
Marion Bruflodt, English
Doran Christensen, Orchestra
LE "Bud" Christenson, Band
Thelma Christenson, Consumer's Math
Tom Connor, PE
George Copa, Farm Mechanics
Les Dehlin, Choir
Casey DeJong, Algebra, Geometry
Wm Dirks, Woodworking Tech & Architectural Drawing
David Dziuk  US History
Murray Freng, Choir
Dick Greengo, Art
Eileen Habbstritt, English
Viola Halvorson, Math
Reuben Hanson, Audio Visual
Gladys Hedine, Latin
Josephine Hokanson, Geometry, Trigonometry
Ellworth Holm, Vocational Coordinator
taught us how to balance a checkbook/pb
Andrew Karlsgodt, English
Elaine Krick, Home Ec
Charlie Krump, Chemistry
Arlyce Lenort, French & English
Bev Lohrman, PE
Robert Loucks, Physics
Maxine Ludwig, Counselor
Glenn Medicraft, Spec Ed
Marilyn Mesna, Book/Recordkeeping  Typing
V Claire Morrison  Soc Science, US History
James Mouw, English
Margaret Movold, Steon, Typing
Don L Olson,  Machine Shop
Jim Perdue, English
Richard Perrizo, Counselor
Robert Radar, Soc Studies
James Reiter, Retail Selling, Office Practice
Ann Riggs,  English & French  
wonderful teacher/pb
William Riggs, Social Science
Ray Rueter, English
Dorothy Schwanke, Speech
William Smythe,  Biology
Ken Sogge, Technical Math
Robert Sorci, Woodworking,  Machine/Metal & Voc Carpentry
Roger Stark, English
John Stephens, Typing & Steno
Erlin  Wittenberg, Soc Studies and World History
Laurane Wold, Librarian
Dan Zinda, Science
Kindergarten:  Miss Malde
1st grade:  Miss Bergland
2nd grade:  Mary Ann Erickson
               Jan Sather
               Sue Johnson
3rd grade:  Wilmeta Massmann
4th grade:  Miss Botner
5th grade:  E Heitke
6th grade:  Mrs. Henschel
St Mary's
Congregational Church
overflow from Washington?)
First Grade:  Doris Wenaas
last updated: 05.08.04
District 62 in Belle River
Judy Faber
Alan Grundei
Delette Zimmel
** Doug Drexler
** Linda Schlosser