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Last updated: 12.31.04
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known ... death of  family member / teachers ( from a previous year )
Steen, Jerome > Father, Harold  12.21.04

Hjelm, Judy > Son, Patrick  12.02.04

Johnson, DuWayne > Mother, Delores  11.29.04

McCarten, Paul > Mother, Maureen   12.04.04

Hanson, David > Mother, Mayme  11.01.04

Gylsen, Vernelle > Mother, Evelyn  10.xx.04

Gesell, Cheryl (Frantsel) > Father, Sylvester  08.01.04

Ted Brezina > Mother, Lillian 07.29.04

LuAnn Erickson (Klug) > Mother, Ruth  07.08.04

Don Urness > classmate  06.11.04

Marilyn Alm (Renner) > Mother, Agnes  06.04.04

LaNell Guenther (Schlosser) > Mother, Martha  04.21.04

Sandy Porter (Dvorsak) > Father, Roy  04.15.04

Kathy Fjerstad (Robinson) > Father, Burnie  03.26.04

Rocky Hedstrom > Father, Quinton   01.02.04
2003  E - M A I L

David Dziuk has been moved to:
Lynwood Healthcare Center  5700 East River Rd  Fridley  MN  55432
David and the family are hoping that this move is only temporary and that he'll
be back at KNMH by mid April.
Sadly, David's wife, Lila, died on February 8th.  A memorial serivce is planned
for 11 AM on Saturday April 24th at 1st Lutheran  in Alex, with commitment at
Evergreen Cemetary

Are you a Washington Elementary  alumni?  3rd grade?  Lois S has been keeping
tabs on Mary Ann Erickson (now Erickson).  Mrs Anderson's current address is:
Grandview Christian Home  135 Fern St North   Cambridge MN  55008.  She is
doing well - and would love to hear from her former students.

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Dear Friends & Family Members:
I am sending this e-mail to all of you as I may not be seeing you in person before
July.  I just want to let you know that I have decided to participate in a very
special and powerful event called the Red Ribbon Ride presented by Chipotle to
benefit nine Minnesota-based AIDS service organizations.  I have been directly
involved with three of these organizatoins, Rural AIDS Action Network, The
Aliveness Project and Minnesota AIDS Project, as a member or client or a
volunteer.  The other organizations I am familiar with and I know they all do
good work in the HIV/AIDS community.

July 15-18, 2004 I will take four days out of my life to ride a bicycle 300+
miles through the bluffs and beauty of southern Minnesota.  I have never done
anything like this in my life and I know it will be a major challenge.  Because of
time and energy I will use, it took a lot of consideration to decide to do this.  I
expect to be training intensely between now and July.  A friend who rode in this
ride last year and will ride with me this year said that I should ride a minimum
of 1,200 miles before July.  I expect to do most of this training on my own as I
am not near enough to the Twin Cities to join any of the group training rides
down there.  This means I will need a lot of encouragement from all of you to
keep up my commitment, so I am asking for that from each of you.

I've agreed to raise a minimum of $1,500 in donations to participate between
now and the Ride.  I need your help to do this.  Will you make a fully
tax-deductible donation to help me meet my goal?  You can do so by visiting my
personal page, using the link below, and click on "make a donation to David".  You
enven have the option of spreading your donation out over time.  Please keep in
mind that not only will I be riding 300+ miles over four days, but I'll be camping
in a tent each night!  Fun!

Over 450,000 Americans have died of AIDS in the United States.  And now,
more people are living with AIDS than ever before.  In light of that, I felt iw
was time for me to do something big.  I hope you'll be a partner with me in this

Thank you in advance for your encouragement and your generosity.


David Hanson

I'll not find a cure for AIDS.
I'll not develp a vaccine.
But, if I've helped ease the suffering of one person living with AIDS,
Its's been worth all the effort.

Visit my personal page now!
Jefferson High School
Alumni Marching Band
Hurrah for Maynard (& his bride)!
I'd like you to join me in wishing Maynard and Laura Guenther best
wishes for a long and happy life together!
Knot tied:  May 21, 2004           photo of the happy couple
GOLF?  2004 12th annual Class of '67 Open
Are you interested in hosting the Class of '67 website?
I'm not a big Sunday morning news watcher ... However, today, I'm drikning my
coffee and watching
Face the Nation. They did a quick blurb on the Viet Nam war
... with a shot of the Viet Nam Memorial.
Whose name do they focus on?  
Albert Bast.
I'm totally blown away.  Al will always be remembered by friends and family ... but
in that moment thousands of folks, who didn't personally know him, got to
recognize and remember and wonder.
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