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Last updated: 12.28.08
2003  E - M A I L
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2004  E - M A I L
2005  E - M A I L
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Donovan Affeldt > Mother, Caroline  12.19.08
Cindy Hegg > Brother, David  12.13.08
Paula Noonan > Father, Jim  11.26.08
Bruce Baumann > Son, Matthew  11.30.08
James Hartman > Mother, Ruth  09.27.08
Jon Mayer > Father, Don  09.27.08
DeRon Ritchiie > Mother, Junez  09.23.08
Julie Wasson > Mother, Helen  08.29.08
Pat Unger > Mother, Mary Lou  08.15.08
Tom Hafdal > Mother, Lois  07.19.08
Jane Trushenski > Father, Paul  05.16.08
Paulette Schulz > Father, Melvin  05.12.08
Mike Kvitek > Mother, Mary  04.21.08
Russ Johnson > Father, Norman  04.13.08
Dennis Conn > Mother, Monica  04.09.08
Teacher >  Marlain Bruflodt  i.e  Miss B  05.11.08
Betty Gulbranson > Step-Mom, Eleanor Gulbranson  03.02.08
Bill Flaig > Mother, Adeline Flaig  02.07.08
Linda Schlosser > Father, Peter J Schlosser  01.17.08
Tom Vickerman > Father, Thomas J Vickerman  12.29.07
2006  E - M A I L
Class of 1968  Reunion is this summer !   info to pass along to the anyone
you might know from '68:
2008  '67-'68  Golf Open .... golfers needed .... click here for info PHOTOS !!!!!

02.13.07   Thoughs & Prayers Needed !!
Here is the link to the CaringBridge site for
Ray Doebber. He is in a hospital in
San Antonio - details of what happened are on this website  - plus you can send a

Additional info:
(1)  A pancake breakfast benefit & silent auction for Ray at St Mary's
School Gym on April 6 from 9AM - Noon
(2)  " An account has also been opened at Wells Fargo Bank where
donations can be sent to help off set the ridiculous  costs of Medical  Care
& Transportation from Mexico to San Antonio TX."  
      You can mail your donations to:       Ray Doebber Benefit Trust     
/     Wells Fargo Bank     /      324 Broadway St     /  Alex MN  56308
2007  E - M A I L
AND !!!   They have invited The Class of 1967  (as well as other years)  to join
them for an informal gathering:
Sunday June 29th at the
Carlos Creek Winery, starting at 1 PM.