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2003  E - M A I L
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2004  E - M A I L
2005  E - M A I L
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2006  E - M A I L
2007  E - M A I L
Peter Reque
Dorothy Schwanke
Daryl Saathoff
Janet Christenson
Glenice Olson
Sharon Yager
Mary Jo Peterson
Marsha Denke
Tom Lindsey
Willie Peterson
Gary Erickson
Bonnie Wiese
Ed Fluegel
Tom Weinberg
Charlene Arvold
Bonnie Sammons
DuWayne Johnson
Elaine Henning   ...  
Ray Doebber ...      
George Bale  ...        
Charles Harder  ...      
Gretchen Obert   ...    
Bob Hawkins  ...        
Donna Whelan   ...     
Gloria Miller  ...          
Greg Hanson  ...        
Donna Whelan
at our 40th
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2008  E - M A I L
TEACHER,  Central  12.18.09
TEACHER, Jefferson  12.11.09
Brother, Roger  11.23.09
Mother, Thelma  11.13.09
Brother, James  10.30.09
Mother, Jean  09.25.09
Sister, Connie  08.10.09
Father, Rudy     08.14.09
CLASSMATE     08.09.09
CLASSMATE  02.05.08
Mother, Ethel   07.15.09
Mother, Florence   07.14.09
Mother, Adeline  06.10.09
CLASSMATE  06.01.09
Brother,  William  05.20.09
Father,  Donald 05.13.09
Father,  Merlyn  05.12.09
Husband, Hollis II     05.02.09
CLASSMATE    04.30.09
TEACHER, Jefferson  04.23.09
Father, Frank    04.22.09
Mother, Natalia   04.14.09
TEACHER,  Lincoln  04.04.09
CLASSMATE   03.14.09
Mother, Adeline    03.11.09
Mother, Avis    02.26.09
Ray Doebber
I would like to thank the Class of '67 for the beautiful Peace Lily that
was sent
for Ray's funeral.  I met some of Ray's classmates, which was very nice.  Both
the visitiation and funeral were very large - which is reflective of  his social &
business relationships in the community.  The obituary and video are a true
tribute of his life.  God Bless all of you for your support during this difficult
                Janice, Missy & Mike Doebber  (May 14, 2009)
Tom Weinberg
       Karen, Tom Vickerman was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  He
met with his oncologist today (12/7) and was told that it is treatable.  They will
be starting radiation and chemo as soon as possible - as it is aggressive.  The
Vickermans are firm believers in the power of prayer and are asking for yours
and the prayers of anyone else that you would like to share this information
with.  If you are interested in sending a card or greeting:          USPS:  7421
Sunset Strip NW  Alex 56308  or
ptvick@gctel.net       / Mary
       As most of you know, my son Tom will be donating a kidney for me.  The
transplant surgery will be at the U of Minnesota Hsp on Wednesday 12/16.  You
can keep up to date on what is happening  through the Caring Bridge website.  I
anticipate that I will be away from work for about 3-4 weeks.  However, I hope
to be at home in Alexandria by Christmas Day.  I certainly appreciate all of the
kind words and support that I have received from all of you.  We ask that you
keep both Tom and me in your thoughts & prayers.  Bill Flaig

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