.Affeldt,  Donald                

Alm,  Marilyn Renner                

Bergby, Virginia Schuette   

Betterman, Linda Rominek   

Bisek, Joy                       

Bjerkness,  Carol  

Brekke,  Majel Freeman   
Chlian, John   

Christenson, Janet  Rahm   

Colby, Steve     

Cooper, Dan      

Dobberpuhl,  Stuart    

Drexler, Doug   

Erickson,  Gwen Schmidt   

Erickson, LuAnn Klug   

Faber, Judy  Woodle
Flaig, Bill    

Gruendei, Alan       

Guenther, LaNell  

Guenther, Maynard  
Hanson, Cindy Jorgenson  

Hanson, Ron   

Hegg, Cindy Anderson  
Hill, Bonita    

Hintzen, Paul    
Hovland, Dan     

Janke . David   
Kakac, Bruce  

Kallstrom, Sue DeBortoli   

Kloehn,  Rosemary  Diedrich

Kluver, Mike    

Komes, Barbara Williams

Krueger, Deb     
Krey, Margaret
Lempka, Tom                      
McCarten, Paul          

McKay, Beth Teuuwen    

Madison, Sherry Weyker     

Mix, John           

Moundson, Diane Anderson   

Mrnak, Pat Klimek   
Nelson, Jane     /   Sieni Terry    

Olson, Dave

Olson, Nancy Becker  

Osterberg, Paul
Peterson, Dorothy Van Amber

Peterson, Ian   

Pletcher, Dennis   

Podratz, Jerry  

Roers, Conni     

Schildt, Lavonne               

Schulz, Paulette    .

Rosengren, Sandy McLauchlin       

Rueter, Harold  
Schoenack, Mike  

Smith, Bonnie Henderson  

Southward, Warren   

Stanz, Connie   

Steen, Dennis     

Steen, Nancy Ekdahl    
Vipond, Bob    

Wasson, Julie   
Westby. Karen Westorff    
Wicklund, Claudine Grove

Wussow, Kathy Jahnke

Zastrow, Marjorie  Meier  
Soundbites from th 50th class reunion.
If you want to add your sound-bite to
the list .... or change yours,  please
e-mail me.   
Last updated  08.30.2017
I finally retired.  Still playing the guitar, cancer survior, wanted to get part time work as a Chippendale dance > they said no !

I retired as an Attorney in Dec 2015 and moved to Colorado

Since 1975, I have lived in 7 different homes in Alexandria.

I travelled from California to Minnesota on a motorcycle.

I knit winter hats.

I have lived in Beijing, China for two years for my husband's engineering business.  We returned in Nov. of 16 and now own a home
in Bakersfield, CA.  I have also been in Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Grand Bahama, Guatamala, Honduras, Chile, and
Peru either on business or for missions trips.

I had the priviledge of shaking Robert Kennedy's hand shortly before his assassination.

I have enjoyed collecting cars for 40 years.

kw> I think of her as running the State of Minnesota for 36 years.  She would say she was a very small cog in the legislative wheel.
(Revisor's Office)

I have a large vinyl record collection (5,000 plus) from Sinatra to the Beatles, all the records of the 50's & 60's ... also 5 turntables.

I was 1" too short to enroll in Law Enforcement at Alexandria Vo Tech after graduation

I retired for one day.  Started a new job and am still working.

I have lived in 3 countries, 8 major domestic/international cities ...  managed 8 companies with local partners (including Vladimir
Putin) across  10 time zones while living in Russia ... now retired in Park City Utah where I spend time mountain biking, snow
boarding and travielling around the country in our motorhome.

I attended the" Not Just Bluegrass" concert in Golden Gate Park, SF,CA in 2016 along with thousands of other residents and
visitors.  Highlight for me?  Mary Chapin Carpenter

I like making quilts with others at church.  We have 3 grandchildren

My 43 years of employment were with the same employer.

I won a contest imitating Wayne Newton!

I discovered that Queen Noor of Jordan is my second cousin.

I have been married 47 years / 4 sons / 11 grandkids/2 greats .... raise shittake mushrooms

I do genealogy and more that 8,000 names in my family tree, including several distant cousins in the class of 1967.

I love to travel and we recently returned fomr a Europenan cruise with famikly and one stop included a vistit to an

Traveled 60,000 miles installing machines for Firito-Lay in every plant in the US, Canda and Mexico.  If you eat Frito-Lay products,
very likely I installed the machines ...

Feng Shui Master (KW)

I have lived in Arizona for 43 years and now HATE THE SUN!

KW:  Author of:  FISHING GLACIER NATIONAL PARK .... and worked on the Hubble Telescope

I teach English to Somali adults.

I grew over 150 watermelons in 2016

I garden for a hobby (KW: some folks would say MASTER gardener)

I have in Montana longer than I lived in Minnesota.  I have been here 46 years in which I have resided in Helena, Missoula and
longest in Great Falls where I currenly live.

My nomination of Charles Lindbergh for the Minnesota sesquicentennial was selected for the exibit at the MN Historic Society and
was also included in the book "Minnesota150" by author Kate Roberts

I was the first coach to receive the MN Special Olympic Coach of the year.

I love to sew quilts and hunt for agates.

My parents met each other when they were in the Navy.

Loves flower gardening, quilting  & enjoying  my 3 grandchildren.

Lived in Germany, like hunting fishing and loves spending time with grandkids

“I was there and with all of you, but in some ways I wasn’t.”

I got into a bar fight in St. Paul with a guy who thought my feelings about invading Iraq did not match up with his...his mother made
him sit down and my son in law stepped between us.  I could have taken him though

About evey summer I take one of my grandchildren ( I have 5) on a special vacation - and next year my granddaughter and I are
going to the Grand Canyon - one of the nights we'll stay at the ranch at the floor of the GC ... to get there, you hatke a helicopter

We got married 9/2016 and went on a 7 day safari in Tanzania / 3 days in Zanzibar (5/2017)

I still ski every summer (on two skiis)

I rode a horse in a parade in the 7th grade, making the horse stand on his behind feet!

In the 1970s, I broke barriers for women by being one of the first admitted to the MBA program at the UM/Main Campus ... under
Title IX

I have visited 15 countries and 37 states - have pitched fast pitch softball games in 3 countries and 2 states.

I like to do camping and county fairs.

I have almost 1000 hours as a crewmember aboard the military version of the Boeing 707

I was still 16 years old at our baccalaureate service.

I'm a Shellback and a Blue Nose

I lived in Alexandria all my life.

I am a 2017 Senior Games Champion

I have worked 48 years - full time, as a nurse.

Masseuse to the cast/crew of the TV show:  Cheers!

I got my college degree the same year as our oldest daughter - I was 40 though.

I ran over my leg with my car Feb 27th 2014

I like to play the "dogs" and "ponies"

I am a cancer survivor (Colon 1999).  I had 6 stents placed in my heart and mother died all in 72 hours (Nov. 15, 16, 17 of 1999)

Sailboat Racer: Took our 38' sailboat up the inside passage of British Columbia from Seattle to Seward, AK for 2 summers.

We are not in the 21st century.

I met Chris O'Donnell

KW:  Master engraver.  Doing engraving for memorial at Runestone Park.

Still live in the same house we bought in 1974.

I had a ringside seat for Muhammad Ali's fight:  Lost to Trevor Berbick in Nassau, Bahamas,  Dec. 11, 1981.  "Drama in Bahama"

Wasson, Julie  I play in 8 musical groups of old retired people, and people actually pay money to attend our concerts!

Slept with Lois Splittgerber my freshman year at college   ..... RELAX > we were roommates

kw:  award winning photographer

Who is married to the most accident prone spouse??

I was chosen to go to the Dominican Republic on a mission to help build a school.