Hey!  I have something to say . . .
           ~ or in response to what I've read, here's *my*  thought:
Karen, and anyone else that can read this.  I've really enjoyed this site, I check on it
several times a week.  I hope more people will come forward and put in their personal
information and start talking.  I know it is time consuming to keep this up, Karen, but
those that are silent are also enjoying looking back, as well.  Come on everyone! Write!!  
We almost all had a good time in school in Alex.  Can you imagine what kids have to go
thru today compared to what we had to go thru, which was nothing except worrying
about getting passing marks or better.  We had it really good and I have always been
proud of my time in  Alex, and in Minnesota, even tho I haven't been back in over 30
years.  I have wonderful memories, most of do.  Let's talk more!  Y'all have fun! and
Diana Thompson Boehme
e-mail me
Ok, this is a bit embarassing - butI do NOT
remember the words to the school song.  True.  
SOMEBODY out there ... PLEEEZ give me some
peace of mind and send me the words.   Karen
                                   ASKED & ANSWERED
Cheer Oh Cheer for Alex
Shout 'til the rafters ring
We're gonna yell oh yell for our team
Alexandria ... rah rah rah

Never give up hope boys (team)
fight until we win
always looking onward
doing the best we can

We can beat old -----
as we've done before
and we can help our team by shouting
Alexandria ... rah rah rah

Fight for dear old Alex
and we'll win this game
and we will carry on forever
dear old Alex name
Merry Christmas to each and every one and your families.  May our Lord bless you
and keep you now and forever.  If you haven't made that decision, make it now.  
Eternity is only 1 split second away
. Nancy Stokes Martin

Hi Karen and all.  I enjoyed reading your Teachers page from Lincoln, Central, and
jJefferson High.  I have a few updates which I'd like to share ... I believe the 5th grade
teacher at Lincoln was Joan or Joanne Erdahl.  Also, I'd like to mention that Paul
Attridge (deceased), the band teacher, was buried with full military honors at Arlington
National Cemetery in Washington DE.  The entire NAVY Band was there to pay
tribute.  I had the distinct honor of attending this service with Jimmy Attridge (1967).  I
also have a copy of the obit for our wonderful Math teacher, Viola Halovorson
(Jefferson).  I believe also that I ran across an obit for Gary Johnson, 5th grade
Teacher at Lincoln, recently.  Who could ever forget his wonderful stories about
"football camp?"  Than you for the memories.  Rich Flint  Class of 1969   

10-2001  Colonoscopy:  If I can do this  ... you can , too.    Just make sure you ask
your doc for VERSED, my new favorite drug.
   details  ~ Westby

Hi.  What to say after this week of horrible news and feelings of never
ending sadness about all the victims in New York and Washington.  In
many ways, I'm speechless, without the right words to describe how
everything has changed and turned around after this week's Tuesday.
But I want to tell you how much Gernot and I feel with you and our
American friends and express to all of you our sympathy.
We tried to make some phone calls with family and friends and very
often ended up crying because we just don't understand how human beings
can commit evil crimes like that.
   We do hope that all democratic spirits in this world are strong and
willing enought to go along with your government to fight these terrorists.
   We feel especially close to you during these days.
   Christel  [

Hi Karen and all of '67!  I love this site (as do many of my '68 classmates!)
and hope we can come up with one of our own! My own congrats to the
Colby's!!  Loved the 2000 photos!  Can't really see alot of those gorgeous
faces, so guys ...      you can take your hats off!
Getting older in Alex, Mary Lund Olson '68 & Charlie Olson '65

Thanks to everyone for the balloons you sent to me whileI was in the hospital following
my accident.  It was greatlly appreciated.  Thanks also for the many thoughts, and  
prayers sent   my way.  I am continuing my rehab at home in Alex.  Things   are going
as well as can be expected, we  are slowly adjusting to our new life and facing the
challenges  of each day with good spirits.
                                                                   Thanks again, Jon & Sue Klein

[Posted to Classreunion.com 9/10/00 ~  posted to this site 5-2-2001]     related story  

Note:  Just had the pleasure of talking with Jon vis phone.
         I am more than humbled by this man's positive attidute. /kw

2-21-01 Do you realize that most of us will be 52 years old this year?
Personally, I would like to re-live our high school years again .. NOW!  The reunion
photos spoke volumes and I'm with those that would like to hear more about all or you
out there.  My husband is doing so much better and now I am falling apart.  They say
that's normal.  Patty Bratton, you certainly have a way of keeping it simple and to the
point.  As my daughter always says in Asutralia "Good on Ya"   ...  Congratulations
Mr & Mrs Colby !!!!
rom an aging classmate ... Cheryl Gesell Grantesl  [previous notice from Cheryl]

Steve Colby writes that he and Cher [Metcalf '68] were married 2-17-01, at a small
private ceremony in St Paul.  Mike and Lynette Kluver were their witnesses.  They will
spend a week honey mooning in Ixtapa/Zihuatenejo Mexico.
Congratulations! Steve & Cher

10-17-00 Check out Patty Bratton update!

10-02-2000 First time I opened this site.  This is really cool!  I looked at the Phoe Toes,
all I saw was pictures of old people.  What the hell gives here?  I thougt it would be
pictures of people that were in the Class of '67.  Mabye I will have to take a trip in a
couple of years.  I will show you a new definition of bald.  As she say, "Peace Humor,
and (I already forgot the rest). / ip

9-30-2000  Just looked at the photos from the July 2000 mini reunion of sorts.  Everyone
looks like they're having such a good time.  Maybe same time - same place next
year?  Gretchen Obert

6-23-00 Just clicked on to the web site and was shocked as to all of the fellow grads that
have died.  I knew the "War" took a lot, but had no idea that so many more had left us.
If the list were complete, it may be more shocking.  Guess at our age, I didn't realize
the reality. / T Brezina
                                7-3-00 As far as I know, we only lost one classmate in the Viet
                                          Nam War ~ Al Bast /mg
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